Max Seven

Composer of Royalty Free Music for movie, games, advertising and other projects...

My name is Max Seven. I’m a composer who specializes in writing music for various projects. From jingles to brands and companies to scoring movies, trailers and various computer games. I try to make my music reflect the whole spectrum of emotions. Therefore, all my music will always please you with a variety of styles and moods. Let my music give you real pleasure! Listen and enjoy!

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You can download and use this tracks for free if you use it for non-commercial purposes. If you receive a Youtube copyright infringement complaint, don’t worry, it just means you can’t monetize this video. I’m the owner of music on this channel and I guarantee your right to free use this music in any Youtube video without monetization. If you want to use this track with monetize video, you can purchase a license for this track. To do this, send a request to email: request@soundcourt.space

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